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Endre Bogdán


Perhaps everybody can answer this question . It means the same thing for everyone and still different for each of us . It's play , in fact , a child's game , pastime , recreation , technical sport , hobby and relaxation . I will try to answer the question according to the categories of the Hungarian Modelling Association .

Modelling is a technical sport but it's only an amateur sport in Hungary with world class results . It gives people creativity , manual , mechanical , and observation skills and the ability of solving problems.

It's an ageless sport . Children can start it at the age of 8 - 10 and it can be done into old age with a well chosen area of modelling .

Aerodynamics and theoretical flying knowledge are necessary for learning modelling . Modelling has inspired many pilots to chose flying as a career . Many of them are still faithful to their " first love " . According to different categories , radio technical , flight control , electric engine and even combustion engine servicing knowledge could be required for being successful in this sport .

In the free flight categories a lot of stamina is needed . In a windy competition , to return the models for the next start , more than 10 kilometer cross - country running is a condition for achieving good results .

Hydrological , mechanical and plastic building technical knowledge is also needed for successful boat modelling .

A special kind of knowledge is needed for car modelling . The modellers of the speed categories , above all things , use their imagination to plan and build more and more powerful engined cars . The performance they achieve makes people admire and appreciate it . The basic condition here of being successful is the driving experience of many years and the ability to service the cars .

To make lifelike airplane or boat models , historical and industrial history knowledge is needed beside the above . The standard of modelling has already reached the standard of applied arts .

Modelling teaches the modeller to cope with failures and also to appreciate achievements . Modellers who are successful in international competitions tend to use scientific knowledge and high technology . A lot of modellers are great inventors . An American modeller invented the control and exhaust system of the modern two - stroke engine and today it's used all over the world .

Many of those " globetrotting" modellers who take part in international competitions speak foreign languages at least to a basic level . It's usually English or German .

There aren't any drug users among modellers . The two rule each other out . Drinkers and smokers are less common in modelling society . The best way to measure our talent , diligence , and taking advantage of our opportunities is the achieved result in a competition , the appreciation in an exhibition or show and the praising word of our friends and acquaintances .

Although it's not part of our association , train modelling is a very interesting , rewarding and spectacular part of modelling.

Those people who make their money from modelling fall into a completely different area of modelling . They make models of real buildings , the first working models of inventions , machines or the amazingly real models of films .

Although I haven't mentioned everything , I think it's enough for you to see modelling from a different point of view, appreciate our achievements and modelling itself.

Finally , I have a question : Do modellers play?

Of course they do , because it doesn't work without it.


Endre Bogdán

Retired High School Technical teacher.
Third in European and World Championships.
27 times National Champion.
Hungarian Speed Record Holder.
Excellent sportsman.